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The American Bankers Association is the united voice of America’s hometown bankers—small, regional and large banks that together employ more than 2 million women and men, hold nearly $17 trillion in assets, safeguard $13 trillion in deposits and extend more than $9 trillion in loans.

ABA believes that government policies should recognize the industry’s diversity. Laws and regulations should be tailored to correspond to a bank’s charter, business model, hometown markets and risk profile. This policymaking approach avoids the negative economic consequences of burdensome, unsuitable and inefficient bank regulation.

Through a broad array of information, training, staff expertise and other resources, ABA supports America’s hometown bankers as they perform their critical role as drivers of America’s economic growth and job creation. Learn more at www.aba.com

The Challenge: Course Conversion

ABA had several full-length courses covering topics of Management and Leadership. These courses had been provided to their member banks to drive nationwide industry best practices. Feedback from their learner cohort indicated that the courses were too long and the content was not presented in an engaging manner. The organization recognized the need to update these course in a way that would be impactful and would lead to better knowledge retention. The first issue that needed to be addressed was course length; some of the course were up to 2-hours long. Each course needed to be modularized into several 10- to 15-minute micro-learning courses. The second issue was to provide courses that were modern and visually engaging, while maintaining the branding guidelines and culture of the organization.

Our Solution: Micro Learning

ABA partnered with Ideaon to create micro-learning courses called Learning Burst. Ideaon focused each Learning Burst on a single core concept and provided in-depth content on the subject. The learning content includes management skills (Coaching, Interviewing, Effective Meetings, Managing Performance, Corrective Action, Recognizing Performance) and leadership techniques (Change Management, Empowerment, Building Collaborative Teams, Communicating Vision and Authentic Leadership). Ideaon created the 10- to 15-minute, interactive courses using HTML5 and Articulate Storyline. Ideaon was able to reimagine the material using vibrant colors, exciting images and graphics, and utilizing modern design layouts. The new courses were well received by ABA’s management and member base, and have begun a new organizational focus on learner-centric training.



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Bank Management

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Employees at member banks

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