Blended Learning

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere works with companies to automate their business processes, help discover new automation ideas, and maximize ROI. Companies use them for automating thousands of business processes, including inventory management, invoice processing, data retrieval, and report generatio ,IT process automation, including installations, FTP download and backup, server and application monitoring, and file and disk management,Web data extraction, Data transfer automation ,ERP system automation.

The Challenge: Blended Learning

Robotic Automation of a process is relatively a new concept and AA wanted to train their customers on the product – highlighting what it can do for the customers and how it could save the time, effort and reduce inefficiencies and more. The client till then had trained their customers in classrooms and webinars and the online learning component sought to cut down on time and money and efforts on the same. The training was done to embrace the customer and take them along in the journey of discovering and utilizing the automation platform and product.

Our Solution

The courses needed to walk a fine-line between educating the customer and explain the efficiencies that would arise from the resource Process automation, Cognitive automation and Analytics. The courses were built to allow for user-toggling between self-paced work and classroom work. Contemporary graphics – to sustain keen interest in the subject matter, content in a creative text guided by great pedagogy and ID work was a hallmark. It was complex content creatively presented.



Practice Area

Process Automation

Target Audience

Customers, Product users and clients – Millenials



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