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Ecofactor is an Energy Management and Efficiency company. Superior savings and an integrated consumer experience across mobile, web, and thermostat—that’s what you get from EcoFactor. With their cloud-based platform, individual services such as Proactive Energy Efficiency, Optimized Demand Response, and HVAC Performance Monitoring services can be deployed separately or bundled to launch a complete residential energy solution.
EcoFactor’s convenient, all-encompassing platform achieved a higher benefits-to-cost ratio and a seamless experience for consumers.

The challenge: Product Training for Installers

Complicated Product – Smart Thermostat installation necessitated hands-on training. Client was sending teams to conduct in-classroom training at multiple locations across the country. This resulted Cash burn. Time wastage and resources were stretched to the maximum. Also , there was no follow-up mechanism, about the effectiveness of the training until the product installers installed at the client locations.

Our Solution

We designed a unique video-heavy Mobile solution, demonstrating the product installation with specific checks with software to ensure that the installation could not proceed if something went wrong. The course was accessible across multiple mobile devices for the installers-on the go, and ensured a backlink with the datacenter to verify the correctness of the installation.

Client reliance on in-classroom training reduced approximately 50%, the month of the course launch. Greater reduction in the following months. Considerable cost and resource savings + future proofing the course by using the cutting-edge technology ensure a high ROI on the training investment.


Energy + Tech

Target Audience

Blue-collar device installers


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