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Hay Group is a pioneer People Management and Consulting firm with over 3000 employees in 88 offices in 50 countries. Over the years, Hay Group has built people expertise and the richest databases that can help other companies benchmark performance, leadership and all kinds of data at a country and global level. They help to get clients’ people strategy right and ultimately help them reach their strategic goals.

The challenge: Transforming a proprietary methodology into a measurable training program

Hay Group had powerful proprietary tools and techniques that were imparted to its internal stakeholders and managers through on-the-job training and mentoring. With their widespread offices and personnel, it became imperative to disseminate these complicated methodologies and techniques online to the current managers. The content was all about abstract emotions – called Motives and the evaluation of the user responses were at a qualitative level – that it would have needed Artificial Intelligence technology to evaluate and grade these. The content was complex.

Ideaon’s solution

Ideaon created a multi-part course with custom simulators for letting users perform the evaluation scoring. We used our proprietary IP, to architect the course , used multiple-sutomised avatars to symbolize profieciency and expertise. We deployed senior Instructional Designers who could decipher the content and create the course. The Control parameters of content compliance,style standardization,creation of a scoring engine to capture abstract and quality elements in a story – were some of the highlights. Used SCORM 2004 , 2nd Edition. Deployed on LMS.

“ I am very pleased to say that the Motives project has been a fantastic success. It has been quite a journey for both Ideaon and us over the past three years, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished on all of the Motives modules and the trust and positive working relationship that has been built .. We look forward to the next chapter of projects with Ideaon. “ – Director – Learning


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