Custom E-Learning

We Create Engaging and Effective Courses with Great Pedagogy.

We perform a thorough needs-analysis

We identify and prioritize performance shortfalls. Identify e-Learning solutions that can be implemented with low risk and low cost. Calculate potential return of investment.


We Specify e-Learning Requirements

Let us help you identify e-Learning products and services. Specify technical and operational requirements for your new e-Learning solution.


Our System


LMS Implementation

Develop an implementation plan. Establish and document new roles, responsibilities and operational procedures. Develop a training and communications plan for learners, instructors, managers and administrators.


SCORM Implementation

We implement based on SCORM & AICC based authoring tools and Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are client proprietary or more prevalent LMS-es available.


Develop an e-Learning Content Development Program

Specify new e-Learning design and development procedures that can easily fit with existing procedures. Establish and document new development teams roles and responsibilities. Conduct an e-learning design and development workshop to prepare your staff for the new e-learning project.



Design tools to measure improvements in your organization due to e-learning. Measure the effectiveness of the e-Learning program on skills and performance. Provide recommendations for further improvements.

Review e-Learning Plan and Process

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