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The numbers below are directly from the Student Success Scorecard for California Community Colleges, including first-time college students who started in 2009-2010 who were tracked for 6 years through a Career Development and College Preparation course.

  • 12.7% of the students completed a degree or a certificate
  • 32.7% of those students completed a degree or certificate in Remedial Math

Only 1 out of 3 students currently pass Math !

We have a Smart Solution. With E4 Keystrokes to Success Math Program


What Is E4

A new program, developed by Ideaon. With E4, you Engage, Educate, Ensure and Empower students, in a common problem area – Math. Through a module-based, continuous loop of tutoring and monitoring, students are enabled to achieve surging math scores and academic performance, all the way up to UC admission levels. The Program has been an outstanding success at other School Districts.


How E4 Works

Many students don’t immediately understand concepts they are taught in school. As teachers struggle to cover large syllabuses, a number of these students lose interest, and ultimately lose out on critical math concepts. E4 employs a combination of teaching, tutoring, peer collaboration and cloud-based technology to address this issue. Tutors identify students who need help and through increasingly rigorous ‘Math Success Lab’ sessions, bring them up to speed.


The E4 Advantage

  • Results presented visually, on a customized performance dashboard
  • Minimal use of teachers’ resources
  • Maximized instructional time for students
  • Students lose the all-too-common fear of math
  • UC entry-level preparation in Math
  • Guaranteed Success and uptick in Math scores and Performance


An E4 Program Success Story


Institution: Baltimore City Community College
Demography: Diverse
Problem: Low Math Scores.
Low Pass outs
Low Retention Rates
Low Transfer rates to State Colleges
Solution: The E4 Program was implemented with its enhanced pedagogy and methodology.
Goal: 45% Passing rate was set.
Results: Major uptick in Math scores.
Pass out rates beat Goals. Passing rates were 63%. Up from 28%


The E4 Guarantee

  • Increase Math Competency in Algebra 1 and Algebra II
  • Improve Student Retention
  • Ensure each Student meets the requirement to transfer onto UC System

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