Mobile Learning

Ideaon is one of the very few companies that can enable you to disseminate your courses in a mobile format. With the proliferation of smartphones and with a multitude of platforms – iOS, RIM, Android, Windows – it takes an indepth understanding of the medium to deliver courses that would enhance your learning ROI.

While mobiles can be looked at as yet another mechanism to deliver training, the reality is that the medium is amenable for innovative usage that supports business. Here are a few possible ways :

Learning on the go

Given the tremendous advantage of access that a mobile device provides, it is possible to create Nano Learning Modules – very short modules that can be used in various contexts relevant to business. One could think of product training modules, sales training, etc. as possible areas for maximum business benefit.


Mobile being a real-time device allows, for significant collaboration between people on the field. A well designed platform and supporting content would go a long way in leveraging this possibility.

Performance Support

As learning modules get smaller and more collaborative, they could become more of a real-time performance support rather than just deliver training. The possibilities here are tremendous – especially for those who are required to react swiftly to situations.

Productivity Boost

The mobile device takes the anytime, anywhere paradigm to its logical conclusion. As such, it further increases the productivity benefits of an asynchronous mode of learning delivery.

Below are some of the services that Ideaon offers to help companies adopt mobile learning successfully :

  • Mobile Learning Strategy Development
  • Mobile Learning Performance Metrics Development
  • Mobile Learning Platform (Intuition Rubicon) Implementation (In-premise Implementation)
  • Customized Mobile Learning Platform (Intuition Rubicon) on a Hosted Basis
  • Mobile Learning Content Development


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