Who We Are

We are a bunch of passionate professionals that deliver bespoke eLearning, IT development projects and Medical & IT Staffing. We are the invisible people that will help creation of your extremely customized eLearning coursework or with your new project launch or keep your projects humming with quality human contract resources.

You will experience world-class service and resources that will help you accomplish your goals within your timeframe and budgets.

Our Story

Hey, we too were started in a garage !  In 2004. we started by executing  IT application projects. Over time, we evolved to offer more value-added services that enhanced productivity at clients. Over the years , we added eLearning & Training development and started addressing needs of the Government Sector as well. We now cater to a whole swath of organizations across the country with our general staffing and medical staffing offerings.

Smarter Elearning

Our job is to ensure that you make the right choices when planning your e-learning strategy; to develop the right quality courses for you to meet your learning objectives, and help you implement and roll-out the e-Learning program in a measured manner that allows visibility and control.

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The Faces Behind our Success


Nagesh has played a leading role in the global information technology industry for more than 20 years, managing divisions and business units for various Corporations in India and the United States.

Shankar Krishna

Shankar has been in the services industry for the past 20 years with extensive experience in Marketing, Advertising and IT Professional Services.

Dr. Shankaran Sitarama

Dr. Sitarama is an eminent technologist . He has over 2 decades of experience. He did his PhD in Collaborative Learning from UC-Berkeley and has been intimately involved in the e-Learning field and related technologies.

Dan Zimmerman

25 years in Leadership positions on submarines and training in the US Navy Successfully trained over 5000 personnel prior to military deployments to ensure safety and competence.

Sukumar Shankaran

Sukumar Shankaran is our director of content development services and heads our development centre in Bangalore, India. He has over 20 years experience in various roles in the industry.

We work for you

What this means is that we truly explore all options to fulfill your specs – optimizing time and costs.

We Love To Explore

We explore new ways to do things. We are creative. And we will bring you solutions that are out-of-the-box, innovative – yet effective. Just take a look at our case studies.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Logical and small steps helps us reach your goals. We guide you through our process, keep you informed on status – counseling you the entire way. We will be in your journey every step of the way.

We Keep It Simple

No bombastic words. No cliched acronyms or complex algorithms. We follow a simple , robust process. We communicate well.And you would rest easy knowing that your project will be delivered as per schedule.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

With a robust and scalable delivery model, we are a trusted partner to meet design, operations, maintenance and sustainment performance goals that support client projects.

Staff augmentation is a beneficial by-product as a value-added service to project implementation. It remains a strategic stream of business.


Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together


20 years of delivering focused effective eLearning. Strong, competent teams that understand your  business, culture and create engaging and effective learner-centric coursework. Clients view us as a seamless extension of their teams. About 80% of our current clients have been with us for more than 5 years.

We listen. We advise. We execute. An unwavering commitment to giving you our best – based on what we listened to. Unfiltered advise to leverage the best of practices and technology. You will get it right the first time. Each time.

We believe your business is our business. And we will give you the best execution there is. With folks who live and breathe eLearning – you will not find people more committed to make your team succeed. Instructional designers, Graphic designers, Programmers, Game creators with years of experience solving and delivering complex learning problems.

And we pass it on to you. Value. We deliver more than you would expect. And we have the mechanism that works at the back-end to deliver exceptional value. So that you can achieve your eLearning ROI.

We do not over-promise. We tell you like it is. We show you the options, we suggest alternatives and sometimes, it may offer a different point of view.