What We Do

Our Story

Started in 2002, Ideaon was initially catering to IT projects application development need of corporates. Over time, we evolved to offer more value-added services such as networking and business re-engineering services that enhanced productivity at clients. We have executed several mission-critical IT projects at Fortune 500 companies and some Government agencies.

With a robust and scalable delivery model, we are a trusted partner to meet design, operations, maintenance and sustainment performance goals that support client projects.

Staff augmentation is a beneficial by-product as a value-added service to project implementation. It remains a strategic stream of business.

We started our eLearning services over ten years ago.

We offer a range of rapid e-Learning development solutions aimed at helping you re-engineer and re-invent your learning divisions to enhance employee productivity, enabling you to optimize your training dollars. We help you discover the right formula for leveraging maximum value out of your training investments.

Our job is to ensure that you make the right choices when planning your e-learning strategy; to develop the right quality courses for you to meet your learning objectives, and help you implement and roll-out the e-Learning program in a measured manner that allows visibility and control.

We offer a complete suite of Smarter eLearning solutions through our unique offerings, effectively blending consulting and execution, content and instructional paradigm and creativity and financial prudence .


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