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What is 508 Compliance?

508 compliance means that all users, regardless of disability status can access technology. The Compliance standards are set by Sectio 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, that requires federal agencies to provide software accessibility to people with disabilities.

Who needs to be compliant?

All federal agencies and institutions that receive Federal Funding are required to be 508 compliant.

This includes: Government agencies, Federally-funded nonprofits, Public Higher education institutions , public K-12 schools.

Many large corporations have voluntarily chosen to create 508 compliant training.

Creating 508 compliant eLearning requires people with normal faculties to unlearn and re-think pedagogy and learning techniques.

The learning requires a different perspective and compliance standard and is very different from a normal eLearning course. For example, we allow Visual parts to be accessible with alternative texts with colors, or images with screen readers. Or we allow audio parts to be accessible with captioning, text transcripts. Or how we allow keyboard input functionality.

The methodology is complex.

Talk to us. Do not wait till crunch time. Or till there is a legal challenge.

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