Application development

We Design and Develop IT Applications that Just Work.

We focus on four Core areas of Application Development.

We cutting-edge skills backed by strong resources. From client-side-scripting technologies to server-side technologies, we deliver mission-critical projects.

We uses several models such as Iterative, Waterfall, Agile and Maintenance models for its development processes. The model is selected during the Project planning phase and depends on:

  • Requirements: Clarity, Changes during the life of the project, etc.
  • Stage of Involvement in Development Life Cycle
  • Need for Rapid Development, Co-Development, Cross-border development, etc.



Product Development Process

Ideaon uses methodologies such as the iterative, waterfall and agile development methodologies for product development. Presently at the Ideaon ODC, all these development methodologies are in use for various clients.

Frequently Ideaon uses the Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy model (4D) also for development. A snapshot of this model is shown below.


Maintenance Support Process

Projects that involve maintenance of existing products (including bug fixing and minor enhancements) do not encompass major design changes. These projects usually have a recurring lifecycle. There is no definite logical completion of these types of project. They are ongoing in nature and usually last through the end of the product’s life. Source code control and testing the impacts of changes are some of the critical issues relating to maintenance projects.

We follow a phase-wise approach to product maintenance beginning with Knowledge Transfer and leading to ongoing maintenance. Teams work towards providing increasing value as the engagement progresses. Please see the illustration below.


Value from Partnering with Ideaon

Ideaon offers Client best practices and processes gained from over decades of experience in managing such operations, designed to deliver tangible cost and time benefits to our clients.

Our Project Managers are experienced in managing every phase of the software development lifecycle, and in accommodating differing levels of client involvement and client expectations of the offshore model. They are skilled in product release management, testing and quality assurance processes, and expert at tailoring Ideaon’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) to the specific needs of each client.

We work with clients to develop specific strategies to derive long-term ROI, including:

  • Recruitment and resourcing strategies
  • Knowledge absorption and transfer strategies for:
    • Business Area Knowledge
    • Product Knowledge
    • Client-specific Knowledge (Client Process)
  • Project management strategies including development methodology, communication, review and monitoring strategies

The underlying objective is to derive technology and cost benefit over the long term, in essence, creating a center for excellence in Ideaon over a period of time that will enable Client to achieve its sustained advantage and business goals.


Experience in Risk Management

Ideaon understands the risks that clients face while establishing outsourced development. Potential we will mutually address include.

  • Knowledge Transfer Risks:
  • Process and Management Risks
  • Business Risks
    • Achieving desired business benefits
    • Both company achieving anticipated financial results

We will outline risk mitigation strategies for each of these issues jointly with you to ensure you are brought to the attention of both companies in a timely way and addressed effectively. Detailed strategies can be presented to substantially mitigate the above risks.


Expertise in Supporting Online and Cloud Businesses

We have supported on-site implementations and offshore operations for a variety of web-based and cloud based ecommerce businesses.


Discipline of Managing Commercial Software Products

Ideaon brings the discipline of software product release management gained in its work for commercial software clients to its systems and processes for other types of application development and management. Some of our commercial software clients include:

  • Development and maintenance of parsers and configuration management tools
  • Development of software products
  • Development of Configuration Management products
  • Development of MS Office based products
  • Development of Web based Solution


A Commitment to Quality Management

We follow quality management processes based on the Rational Unified process and our own proprietary Quality Management System (QMS). QMS addresses the eight core quality management principles defined in ISO 9001 standards and forms the process framework for every client engagement.

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