Blended Learning

We Bring a Slice of Classroom ILT to Elearning.

If you are considering – redesigning your elearning consider a Blended learning approach – to extract ongoing recurring value, we can help you.

Align your online learning with your in-class instruction.

How do you fix a model of teaching that maximizes the knowledge intake, maintaining the student engagement and still creating a productivity uptick?

Use Industry best practices to blend your classroom and self-paced instruction delivery to engage and educate your learners. Power their performance, with our smarter models and extensive experience in delivering Blended Learning services.


Classroom Training Online


Each may work differently for various enterprises.

We address the underlying pedagogy issues and considerations.

Blended learning combines various components like ILT, webinars, simulation exercises, gamifications, on the job training and self-paced coursework.

There are skills like for eg: Phlebotomy (drawing blood in Medical Labs) or device-installations for which there can be no substitute for face-to-face meetings, in-class demos and experiential learning.

Self-paced eLearning – enhanced by synchronous modes in some cases like Video-based instruction or virtual-classrooms are some components that we can arrange.

IDEAON’s Custom eLearning creation solutions are central to the blended learning initiatives. The courses would be learner-centric with adequate engagement and interactivity to sustain user-interest and enhance knowledge retentions. Our learning offerings will be as personalized as possible – but will address enterprise-wide learning efforts – with Student Activity guides, workbooks. Based on the content- we will advise you on the potential enhancements possible within the course – like simulations, games, innovative timed quizzes. Micro-learning – or byte-sized learning courses are increasingly being used in training. We will also integrate all content into a cost-effective core learning platform, and a resource for continuing refresher course training.

And delivering the course-wise – IDEAON can help you deliver the education through devices – be it browser-based courses or through native-apps that work across Android, Apple devices.

IDEAON will set up a Learning evaluation framework to ensure that the courses are on track – with inbuilt mechanisms for maintenance issues – monitoring delivery quality and optimal resource utilization.

IDEAON will ensure overall delivery and ensure that you gain value from your Learning investments on a continual basis.


Harness the power of our Blended Pedagogy Model

  • Foundational Training – Where we reinforce concepts
  • Virtual Training – Reflect & Reinforce Learning
  • Instructor-Led Training – Power of the face-to-face learning and applicable for hands-on training – like installations, Lab tests
  • Activity Scenarios – Learn-by-doing – Games, role-playing, Activity sessions
  • Mentorship – Formal, Informal, Peer groups, Continuous engagement – online and offline

Tie is all together to achieve Peak productivity. We will help you every step of your way.


Executing the Blended Learning Approach

Our Blended Learning begins with a total systems approach. We analyze current processes in order to help you develop an optimized learning program that aligns to departmental and organizational goals. We assist in program implementation, we continually monitor quality and measure effectiveness at every stage alongside you. We make new recommendations that ensure the right blend of training is always in place — delivering optimum results.

If you are considering – redesigning your elearning consider a Blended learning approach – to extract ongoing recurring value, we can help you.

IDEAON can help you achieve your goals. Call us today.

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