Pharmaceutical e-Learning – a 360 Degree help from IDEAON

Pharmaceutical e-Learning – a 360 Degree help from IDEAON

Regulatory and Compliance Training
We understand the need for regulatory and compliance standards. Incremental learning and training employees so that they adhere to the standards prescribed is critical. Regulatory standards keep changing frequently and keeping your employees updated on them can be challenging in an ILT format. However, adopting eLearning can make it easier for you to update the courses and make it available for your employees. The IDEAON team has designed regulation and compliance training modules in a format that can be easily assimilated. We use various engagement techniques for user traction on these.

Lab Safety and SOP Training
Safety and standard operating procedures are unique to each organization and these need to be regularly emphasized to employees through training programs. The IDEAON team can create online training modules on sops unique to your organization and help you achieve uniform standards across all plant locations. These can be used periodically to reiterate the importance of safety and standard operation procedures of your organization.

Product Training for Sales People
A salesperson in the Pharma/Healthcare industry needs to be provided with the necessary training in complex and technical products – that helps him/her to address issues raised by prospective customers. IDEAON has delivered eLearning solutions for product and sales training that have shown excellent metrics with the sales organization in our Pharma clients.

Medical Device and Equipment training
Life-saving devices and equipment need high levels of critical training. Improper handling will lead to more disasters than one can fathom. Therefore, organizations need to regularly reinforce the accepted practices and procedures through specialized training. IDEAON can develop courses that train your employees on handling and using devices lab equipment. We can deliver the training on your mobile devices as well.

Drug Development Process & Clinical Trials
Knowledge Dissemination during the development and clinical trial processes and subsequent incremental changes necessitate an agile supplier that can run with the time and urgency.

IDEAON has the necessary experience and expertise that you can rely on for your e-Learning health !

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