What is HOT and HEAVY in the e-Learning World?

What is HOT and HEAVY in the e-Learning World?

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5 Hot E-learning Trends

What is HOT and HEAVY in the

e-Learning World?

*    HTML5
By all accounts, HTML5 is going to continue to be widely used and its capabilities will grow as well.*    Tin Can API
The eLearning software includes many more capabilities than SCORM. With the Tin Can API, different types of learning can be efficiently tracked and recorded.*    Mobile
Look for continued eLearning growth with mobile, especially with the popularity of tablets. According to a BI Intelligence report, global tablet sales will top 450 million units by the year 2016.*   Gamification
Expect to hear a great deal more about gamification. It refers to the use of game mechanics as well as various game design techniques in a non-gaming environment – whether that’s in schools, businesses or other settings. Part of the debate centers on learners’ interest, but the approach appears to be gaining acceptance.*   CollaborationSharing and collaboration were key. Knowledge Management (KM) took a back seat and drifted out of focus after the hype phase. However it is on a comeback with greater vigor and force.
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